Metropolis mall purchased by Israel firms

Aviv Arlon Global Ltd. pays $52 million for shopping center, which was in court-appointed receivership. Former real estate firm Premier
Properties USA Inc. developed Metropolis, with an investment of $160 million.

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SPECIAL REPORT: Financial travails dog ‘mystery man’ at helm of Premier Properties

An IBJ review of hundreds of pages of public records shows Christopher P. White and his Premier
Properties USA Inc. are facing major financial and legal challenges. The most glaring signs of trouble: Contractors have filed
more than $3.5 million in liens against Premier’s retail properties in Plainfield; the state of Indiana is trying to
recover $375,000 in sales taxes on White’s airplane; and the contractor who renovated his Lake Clearwater mansion
is suing him to recover more than $600,000 in unpaid bills.

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Developer’s fraud trial enters second day

Marion County prosecutors this morning began making their case that Christopher P. White knowingly wrote a bad check for $500,000
last year in a desperate attempt to save his Indianapolis-based development firm, Premier Properties USA Inc.

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