Inside the United Way: Can new campaign rise to the challenge?:

September 19, 2005

United Way of Central Indiana hopes to raise $36.6 million this year to address a range of community needs-a difficult task given the charitable response to Hurricane Katrina and the loss of some onetime gifts.

As the campaign kicks off, IBJ is taking a close look at the organization and its massive fundraising drive. Where does the money come from? How is it spent? And who's leading the charge?


Big names, big bucks

The local United Way has received five pledges of $1 million or more in recent years from central Indiana heavyweights and one anonymous donor. Who are they and what other sources does the organization tap to raise millions each year? Page40A Inside

How leaders plan to Who is calling the What happens to replace $1.5 million shots at the local donations when the in onetime gifts. organization? campaign is over.

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