"Cheetah: Race for Survival."

May 26, 2010

Opening May 29
Indianapolis Zoo

There’s no closing date on this one because the latest exhibit at the Indianapolis Zoo is here to stay. It celebrates cheetahs, and a focus of the exhibition is on making sure the at-risk cats themselves stick around, globally, for a long, long time.

With the capability of accelerating from 0-70 in three seconds and making stunning hairpin turns, cheetahs are a natural for race weekend. Their specially constructed space was built with two goals in mind: Bring visitors close to the action and keep the cautious creatures comfortable.

And it looks like they will be in good company. The new section in the Plains biome also features environments for hornbills (a long-beaked bird) and bat-eared foxes, both of whom also come from central Africa. Details—and a link to the cheetah webcam—here.