"Mickey’s Corner" with Michael Feinstein

November 10, 2010

Nov. 11

There won’t be a band to strike up, so it may be a tough call for you (but not for me) when Mickey Maurer interviews cabaret star and Center for the Performing Arts artistic director Michael Feinstein for a fascinating chat about rhythm and other matters. And if you are expecting nothing but talk, well, it ain’t necessarily so. Feinstein will likely sing as well.

Who cares? Anyone interested in the great American songs Feinstein has helped rediscover, re-popularize, and preserve. How long has this been going on? Maurer (an IBJ owner and columnist) has been hosting discussions with interesting Hoosiers since 2008. You can get more information here.

(And now, Great American Songbook buffs, count how many George Gershwin song references you can find in this item.)