August 15, 2012

Aug. 17-26

Various locations

This year’s fest has 68 shows to choose from ranging from family-friendly magic shows to recommended-for-adult-audiences burlesque. In between, there’s drama, comedy and a sequel to last year’s hit, “Schoolhouse Wrong.” Indy Fringe, now in its eighth year, is wisely structured so that all six participating theater spaces have shows running at the same time. Each of these shows runs about an hour, taking most patrons off the street during show times. But then there’s that half-hour gap between them to schmooze, compare notes, grab a frozen yogurt, and hustle to the next show.

The system makes it possible to see as many as seven shows in a day—not that I’d recommend that kind of overload. Rather, try a trio of shows in a day with some time off for lunch or dinner. Each show will set you back $10. (Full disclosure: I co-created one of the 68 shows.) Full schedule and details here.