Hogsett, IPL switch first streetlight to LED technology

April 30, 2018

On Monday, the first of 27,000 Indianapolis streetlights slated to switch to a light-emitting diode, or LED, made the conversion to the more energy-efficient technology. 

The kickoff for the street light conversion—part of Mayor Joe Hogsett's Operation Night Light initiative—took place at 3800 N. Winthrop Ave.

The city signed an agreement with Indianapolis Power & Light Co. last fall to convert the city-funded streetlights to LED technology, which is expected to save the city $800,000 annually. The savings will be used to install 4,000 new streetlights across Indianapolis.

Operation Night Light was started by Hogsett in 2016 with the signing of an executive order to end the city’s 35-year moratorium on adding new city streetlights. 

As part of the effort, more than 100 new streetlights were installed across the city in 2016.

The LED conversions will cost the city $12 million. The project is expected to run through spring 2021.


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