Air-filter maker fills orders for overseas destinations

September 5, 2009

With a recent surge in overseas sales, Pure Air Systems is reaping the benefits of incorporating new technology into its product line.

The company on Guion Road designs and makes commercial-grade air filtration systems. It recently began using motors that are compatible with non-U.S. electrical systems. Pure Air says it was the first filter-maker to incorporate the Genteq brand of digitally controlled, variable-speed motors, which are rated 120/240-volt and 50/60 Hz. Genteq is a brand of Wisconsin-based Regal Beloit.

Pure Air has shipped 16 systems overseas in 2009, up from two last year. Recent orders include one from Yaw Automation in Osaka, Japan, for a system that will be used in a near-clean-room environment. Other recent customers include Cure International for hospitals in Niger and Malawi, Natural Products Pharmaceuticals in South Africa, Vemco Ltd. in Trinidad, and Nano Diamond Products in Ireland.


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