VIEWPOINT: Business needs a different mind-set

Daniel H. Pink, in his intriguing new book, “A Whole New Mind: Moving from the Information Age to the Conceptual Age,” said, “The new era we are entering will be characterized by ‘right brain’ processes as opposed to the ‘left brain’ functioning of the more technical information age we’re exiting. These days, left-brain functioning is being done more efficiently and effectively by computers.” “Right-directed thinking,” as Pink calls it, is uniquely human and is about design and interpersonal relationship. My…

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VIEWPOINT: Inspiring employees: It’s all in their heads

“How can we have greater influence on our employees? We hire good people, we spend lots of money to train them, we tell them specifically what we want, and we motivate them to comply. In spite of all of these efforts, too often we still don’t get the desired response.” As a psychologist, I’m often asked this type of question, and I know the answer is complicated. Sometimes the employee has personal, i.e. psychological, reasons for not performing. But as…

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VIEWPOINT: Do you offer uncommon customer service?

I was recently in a grocery store and had an enlightening experience about customer service. While I was waiting in line to check out, the clerk, who did her job with competence and precision, asked the elderly gentleman in front of me whether there was anything in his cart he needed help lifting. He said “no” and the transaction continued. The young man who was bagging the groceries asked the elderly customer the same question. Again, the man declined, but…

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