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Orr joined IBJ in 2016. She’s been a reporter since 1995 and has worked at four newspapers in three states. Before moving to Indianapolis, she wrote for the Courier & Press in Evansville. When she’s not working, she enjoys cooking, travel and spending way too much time on Twitter.

Quick facts:

Go-to coffee order: Basic coffee with cream

Best book: “An American Tragedy” by Hoosier author Theodore Dreiser is a favorite. “I’d argue it’s THE Great American Novel,” she said.

Most used tech gadget: iPhone


Tech sector layoffs are on the rise

Tech has hit a well-publicized slump, and within the last few months, layoffs have hit big companies like Netflix and Coinbase as well as smaller firms like Zionsville-based 120Water, Indianapolis-based Casted, and Terminus, which is based in Atlanta but has an employee base and its CEO in Indianapolis.

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