VIEWPOINT: Think you can move fast? Look at China

This month, I am making my 50th trip to China. My first trip was in 1995 to identify a possible Chinese partner for a manufacturing joint venture in Nantong. When the potential partner honored me by serving a coiled snake as one of the main dishes, I thought, “What am I doing here?” But that’s what change is all about-delving into the unfamiliar. Four years later, we had found a trusted partner, signed a joint venture agreement, located the proper…

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VOICES FROM THE INDUSTRY: U.S. companies should evaluate Chinese tax changes

Over the past three decades or so, foreign investment has been fueling China’s economic growth. Companies from around the world have flocked to meet the needs of the largest population in the world: 1.3 billion citizens and counting. Shifts in China’s political climate have made this Asian country ripe for commerce, and foreign companies-especially in the United States-have rushed in. Many U.S. manufacturers have been lured to China by tax holidays and reduced tax rates on income generated from their…

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