VIEWPOINT: Why shouldn’t churches pay taxes?

Though it probably should not have been, a recent headline in The Indianapolis Star-$2.7 billion in property untaxed in Marion County-was a bit of a stunner. And more so was an adjoining article revealing nearly half of that property to be owned by churches and religious institutions. In the article, the Rev. Kent Millard, senior pastor at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, invoked the separation of church and state as justification for St. Luke’s quarter-million-dollar annual tax dodge. And I’m…

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VIEWPOINT: When visionaries, bean counters collide

I am a dabbler. The upside of dabbling is that one gets involved in a number of diverse projects throughout one’s career. Some great successes, some galactic failures. Either way, the dabbler learns much about many things along the way. One of the lessons learned in a life of dabbling is the unlikely symbiosis between visionaries and bean counters. Like particles of matter and anti-matter in the universe, one cannot exist without the other. And yet, their uncontrolled collision can…

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