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Warhol flashed on Monument Circle

August 13, 2010

When is a flash mob not a flash mob?

When the media has been notified and cameras are aimed at the supposedly surprise performance space.

That was the case minutes ago when a group of Warhol-wigged dancers surrounded Monument Circle and shimmied to the music of Lou Reed (choreographed by Susurrus’s Melli Hoppe). It was all a promo for the Indianapolis Museum of Art's exhibition "Andy Warhol Enterprises," opening Oct. 10.

If it didn't have the spontaneous flash of the mobs you see on YouTubeor a dynamically developing dance component beyond the initial impactthe marketing stunt did seem to fulfill its primary objective, which was to get attention.

Warhol himself probably would have smiled. Now I think I'll go home and have a can of Campbell's Soup for lunch.

Your thoughts?

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