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The 'SNL' effect

March 13, 2008
Much is being made about the impact of “Saturday Night Live” on the presidential election. For the latest New York Times story, click here

According to the argument, the way “SNL” characterize the candidates is the way the public will perceive them from that point on. Think of the robotic Al Gore, the “strategery” of George W. Bush, the bumbling Gerald Ford and, now, the media-loved Barack Obama.

The implication: A group of humorists can sway an election with a few comedy sketches.

Weigh in on that … or consider a bigger question: If our voting can be influenced by “SNL,” doesn’t it follow that other aspects of our behavior are influenced by what we see on TV? If we believe that voters will be affected by what “SNL” presents, doesn’t that imply that violence and sexuality on TV or in video games have an effect on our actions?

Your thoughts?
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