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Artwork in front/drop box in back

March 26, 2008

Yesterday I had my first encounter with the new Central Library’s conveyor-belted drive-up drop-off box. And in its own small way, it made me like the library even more — especially when I received a courtesy call saying that we had forgotten to include all of the DVDs in the “Arrested Development” boxed set. (Darn kids.)

The drop box. The courtesy call. The e-mailed three-day reminders. The efficient online holds. The comfy chairs. The subtle face-front displays of interesting titles in each department. Ignoring, for a moment, the issue of cost, staffing, etc., there’s a lot to like in our library.

As for the Peter Shelton art that’s being installed on the pedestals out front, I’ll hold off on judgment until I see it … except to say that while I admire the artist’s work — and see merit in these pieces — I have to be convinced that they make sense in this location of  this building. We’ll see when they are installed later this year.

In the meantime, of course, feel free to offer your comments here — on the artwork or other aspects of the Central Library.

Your thoughts?
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