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Anderson gets a 50-foot rabbit

August 7, 2008
Nestle has gotten the green light from the city of Anderson to build a 50-foot-tall rabbit near the companyâ??s new Nesquik plant along I-69.

The steel and fiberglass rabbit will look like the smiling cartoon logo thatâ??s been on Nesquik containers for years. Zoning board members think the rabbit will call attention to the city and attract more jobs.

Elaine Fisher, who directs special projects at Ball State Universityâ??s Center for Economic and Community Development, says itâ??s all but impossible to prove whether an unusual landmark like the rabbit would help or hinder a townâ??s growth.

But she quickly adds that the officials are taking a big risk if they think it will help economic development.

Some people will equate the rabbit with giant billboards, in other words as visual pollution.

â??The image that such a thing creates could be very negative,â?? Fisher says.

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