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Itching to leave your job

April 7, 2009
Katy, bar the gate. Lots of workers are itching to jump to new jobs as soon as the economy shows a glimmer of strength, says Chris Woolard, a senior consultant at Walker Information.

Woolard has a window on worker attitudes through Walker’s employee satisfaction research, and the view isn’t pretty for executives and managers.

He describes the mentality succinctly: “I’m not happy here, but I’m happy to have a job. But when the economy turns around, I’m going to go find something I really like.”

Organizations will be clobbered by defections just when the economy comes to life and they need to ramp up, he says.

Top performers are the most employable, thus most likely to search for greener pastures — and be hired away. Those who want to leave but can’t find new work will feel stuck. They’ll continue showing up, but their hearts won’t be in it. The upshot will be lower productivity.

The dam won’t burst for another six months, Woolard says. That’s when many experts think the economy will have hit bottom and begin showing signs of strength.

What do you think of Woolard’s assessment? Is he on target?
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