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Colts fans sweating it out

October 13, 2008
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lucasLucas Oil Stadium yesterday afternoon was too hot to handle for some Indianapolis Colts fans—and even players. And I’m not talking about the action on the field.

While the Colts were getting their first victory yesterday at their new home, many fans were sweating it out, especially those who were baking in a stream of sunlight that came through the opened roof. Hundreds of fans vacated their seats on the north end of the stadium during the game’s second half, complaining about the heat and lack of circulation. Some watched the game from the shaded consourse, while others headed home early. One fan said the temperature was “barely tolerable.”

Not even opening the roof the night before the game and opening the large window on the north end helped bring the temps in the retractable roof facility below 90 degrees in many spectator seating areas. Some of the Colts coaches complained about the heat on the field and sidelines. Players used misters to cool themselves down. Colts Coach Tony Dungy reportedly told CBS commentators calling the game that he would like more input on when the roof is opened or closed.

Granted, the temperatures this weekend were unseasonably warm, but Colts and stadium officials seem to have a pretty serious issue with respect to the temperature to address.

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