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Danica Patrick gets a new title

September 21, 2010
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Race car driver Danica Patrick got a new title. No, she’s not changing sports.

But in a full-page advertisement placed in the Indianapolis Star this week, she’s now being called an “Elite IndyCar Driver.”

Patrick is one of nine featured speakers at the Get Motivated Business Seminar Oct. 25 at Conseco Fieldhouse. The full-page ad has been running for weeks, and until this week, Patrick was tabbed as an “Elite NASCAR Driver.” I know, it’s part of a national ad campaign, but it’s still inexcusable to come into IndyCar country and call Patrick an elite NASCAR driver.

After all, her only victory to date has come behind the wheel of an IndyCar. That was in Motegi, Japan, in 2008. I was a bit harsh on Patrick last week when I pointed out the NASCAR reference in the ad.

But I also said Patrick has potential, not only as a marketer, but as a driver. And I said she should get credit for the things she does right. Well, she didn’t win this year’s race at Motegi, which was held last weekend, but for those who stayed up extra late or got up in the small hours to watch the race, you’d have to admit, Patrick did a nice job steering the car through traffic to a top-five finish.

So score one for Danica, who is showing flashes of being an “Elite IndyCar Driver.” And score one for the promoters of the Get Motivated Business Seminar for getting their wheels straightened out.

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