CFO of the Year 2012

If the CEO is a captain of industry, then the chief financial officer is the navigator, with one eye on the charts, another on the stars, and both hands on the steering column. In IBJ’s fifth annual CFO of the Year program, we recognize these first officers who plot the safest financial course and allow their firms to make waves.

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First Person Benefit Advisors Associated Bank BKD Comcast Business Class Deloitt FEI CPA Fifth Third

Jay A. Wiegand
Bill Brunner
Mark Hardwick
Kay Whitaker

William Anthony Buckles
Indiana Hand to Shoulder Center Inc.

Stephen D. Fugate
Cargo Services Inc.

Joseph D. Cathcart, F.A.
Wilhelm Construction Co.

John Smith
Bastian Solutions

Steve Collins

Christie B. Kelly
Duke Realty

Thomas P. Fischer
Community Health Network

Jack A. Gochenaur
Manchester University