Enough Vonnegut?

Yet another collection of unpublished material is being released. When is enough enough?

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‘Kirkus’ killed

“Kirkus Reviews,” one of the leading sources of book criticism, has folded. Why you should care.

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Notes from the blogroll

"Carol" in Chicago with familiar faces, artists take on graffiti in Boston, and I strike out on this year’s National Book Awards.

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Smoking pics, Julia Child, etc.

In England, Lynn Barber, author of the memoir “An Education,” withdrew from the Books Now festival because the event organizers
refused to print her photograph in the program. Why?

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The free Thursday off-shoot of the Indianapolis Star is once again going through a name change.

An editorial in today’s edition of says that, in the renamed and redesigned Metromix, “we’ll be hitting the topics you asked us to feature…

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Critic axed by Cleveland Orch?

The fascinating story of the battle between The Cleveland Plain Dealer, its high-profile music critic, and the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra has been a long-standing buzz topic in the arts world.

In short, critic consistantly writes negatively about maestro. Symphony pressures newspaper….

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Still reading magazines?

Even with talk of the demise of print journalism, many of us still turn to magazines not just for information, but for pleasure. After all, you don’t see any Kindles being sold at supermarket check-out lines.

And so while they don’t…

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Should libraries charge?

Should libraries be charging for the hottest materials?

The Dallas Public Library thinks so. It’s slapped a $5 surcharge on a short list of bestsellers and new-release DVDs. You can find more details here.

A slippery slope or a smart move?


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Exec pay, Chicago discounts, etc.

Occassionally, I like to devote a blog to connecting you to conversations on other blogs. It’s that time again.

Of course, feel free to comment here on anything you find out there (Hint: right click and open any link in another…

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Seeing Red (Skelton) in new bio

In a previous blog, I mentioned reading “Red Skelton: The Mask Behind the Mask” (Indiana Historical Society Press) by Wes. D Gehring. I was asked for some additional thought. Well, here goes:

In the book, Gehring, a Ball State film professor…

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Arts once removed

The British TV channel Sky Arts will be broadcasting English National Opera’s production of “La Boheme.” Nothing new there.

The twist is that it will, simultaniously, broadcast a live, behind-the-scenes, view. See story here.

If both were offered here, I’d guess that…

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How bestsellers are made

Ever wonder how and why some books seem to come out of nowhere to become bestsellers?

There’s an interesting story you might have missed in Saturday’s “Wall Street Journal.” Find it here.

In it, reporter Anita Elberse discusses the increased emphasis…

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Indianapolis Star arts coverage

In Sunday’s Indianapolis Star, editor Dennis Ryerson commented on staff departures, announcing that “Talk of the Town,” Susan Guyett’s former column, will continue with another TBA writer. And that Jay Harvey will take over arts reviewing. See the story

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Dark day for Indy arts media

It’s a sad day for Indianapolis media and for the arts as massive layoffs gut the Indianapolis Star.

Whitney Smith: gone.

Chris Lloyd: gone.

Susan Guyett: gone.

Abe Aamidor: gone. 

My thoughts and best wishes go out to these and other talented former Star writers, editors…

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