OrthoIndy looks to loopholes for growth

OrthoIndy, the physician practice that owns the Indiana Orthopaedic Hospital, was able to open a new outpatient facility this spring by working around growth restrictions in the 2010 health care reform law. But its choices for further growth are much starker—which is why it’s lobbying to repeal that provision of the law.

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Hospitals stand to gain big by hiring docs

To understand why hospitals are so eager to employ physicians—and prevent them from owning their own facilities—look
no further than the latest data on how much doctors are paid compared with how much revenue they generate for hospitals.

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St. Vincent, OrthoIndy form partnership

St. Vincent Health has acquired a minority interest in Indiana Orthopaedic Hospital and is in discussions with OrthoIndy physicians
and other independent doctors to create a management company that would oversee orthopaedic and spine services at St. Vincent
Indianapolis. The health care providers announced the deal early Friday.

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