Ivy Tech ex-president repays $20,000 following audit of expenses

Retired Ivy Tech Community College President Gerald Lamkin has repaid nearly $20,000 after a review of the college foundation’s
expense-reimbursement policy uncovered bills that had been paid for him without proper documentation. College and foundation
officials call the accounting lapse and Lamkin’s inability to produce receipts for all the submitted expenses an “innocent
oversight” and have implemented a revised policy with tighter controls.

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Snyder crams for job as Ivy Tech president

In the three months since being named president of Ivy Tech Community College, Tom Snyder
has read up on the school’s history and held meetings with 4,000 faculty, students and others to gain insight into the school.
He’s also made decisions about hiring, cost-cutting and student services.

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D’Amico responds through lawyer to being snubbed

Carol D’Amico has been publicly silent since the board passed over her for president of Ivy Tech Community College in March.
But a letter her attorney dashed off a day after the vote says she deemed neither of the finalists for the job qualified and
the selection process ripe for a lawsuit.

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