Critics fear tax reform will favor suburbs

As legislators prepare to overhaul the state’s property-tax system, Marion County’s future hangs in the balance. Indianapolis
residents–particularly in the city’s older, urban core–already pay far higher taxes than their suburban counterparts. And
arguably get less bang for their buck. Changes on the table could make Marion County an even tougher sell.

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Jones taps friends nationwide for Daniels fund raising

Silicon Valley venture capitalist Jack Gill–and dozens like him–are being recruited from far beyond state lines to support Indiana’s incumbent governor. On Oct. 9, Gill will be in the crowd at technology entrepreneur Scott Jones’ Carmel mansion. Jones, who organized the event, aims to collect $1 million for Daniels in a single day.

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Property-tax reassessment may not be fix-all

The property-tax reassessment process that Gov. Mitch Daniels ordered last month will take five months and cost up to $3 million.
But don’t expect it to significantly alter the property-tax equation, warns Franklin Township Assessor Becky Williams, who
also serves as president of the Indiana Assessors Association.

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