You can have fun in smoke-filled bar

November 21, 2009

I’ve reached the zenith of my life—the esteemed publisher of IBJ has labeled me “clueless” [in his Nov. 9 column]. My editorial comment in the Indianapolis Star praising Mayor Ballard for allowing citizens of our county to make their own decisions about smoking, rather than the government, should have been quite clear.

Obviously you feel the government “trumps” the decisions people make in their own lives. Indianapolis is no better off with or without a complete smoking ban—just politically correct, like California, New York, etc. Oh, please! Sometime get out of your “ivory tower” and enjoy a Colts or a Pacers game at a local “smoke-filled” bar—our citizens there really have a lot of fun. Oh, sorry, the government and IBJ don’t want that!


Hal Smith

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