Lou Harry's arts coverage is welcome, insightful

November 17, 2008
I have been a devoted reader of Lou Harry's work since his arrival in Indy, first reading his insightful columns at Arts Indiana (with some side-writing for NUVO), then at Indianapolis Monthly, and subsequently, Indy Men's Monthly. Each time Lou changed jobs, I changed subscriptions.

But when he joined IBJ, I confess to some reluctance to subscribing to a business journal. I wasn't sure I'd be interested in the journal—and I wasn't sure Lou would be given enough space to write about the arts. I was wrong on both counts. IBJ is an interesting read that has taught me a great deal about many facets of the city over the past year.

And I know I speak for many arts professionals in the city when I say that we rely on Lou's columns to know what is happening in the arts community. I read Lou's weekly printed column (wish he could write even more each week than that!) and I certainly turn to his blog to read his assessment of arts events around the region.

Informed criticism is a key component to a thriving arts community. Lou provides this invaluable service to our city. Thank you for your support of Lou's vital contribution to the arts of Indianapolis.

Diane Timmerman
Professor of theater
Butler University
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