Carbon Motors' prototype cop car is crammed with technology

April 17, 2010

Carbon Motors Corp., the Atlanta startup carmaker that in July chose the east-central Indiana city of Connersville for its permanent headquarters and assembly plant, is still at least two years from producing its first car—a vehicle designed strictly for law enforcement. (See below for a video tour of the car's prototype.)

Key to the project is a $310 million federal loan the company hopes will be approved soon, possibly this summer. Carbon Motors has 13,000 advance orders. Chairman and CEO Bill Santana Li anticipates sourcing 70 percent of the car domestically, mostly from Indiana. Most patrol cars will roll off the assembly line priced from the mid-$40,000 to the low-$60,000 range, similar to conventional police cars. Cars loaded with all options will be significantly more expensive.

The cars will feature technology ranging from thermoplastics to automated license plate readers. About the only thing missing is a doughnut dispenser.

Click here for an annotated view of the car’s features.•


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