Speedway project will have victims

December 1, 2008
I have to comment regarding the latest articles [in the Nov. 10 issue] regarding the redevelopment of Speedway. While the articles were written very well and gave the impression that this redevelopment is a must for the community, I do not remember reading anything regarding the businesses that will be lost or the people who will be thrown out of their homes because of this redevelopment.

IBJ should show both sides of the story. Go and talk to Speedway Monogramming and Speedway Industrial Park and see what this redevelopment will do to their business. Speedway Industrial Park has 12 buildings they lease to different businesses that will also be affected. Some of these businesses have been part of the Speedway area for over 15 years and Speedway Industrial Park has been in the area for 50 years. What will losing these businesses do to the tax base in Speedway?

The closing of Georgetown Road will be affecting three trailer parks which house many low-income elderly who have nowhere to go. These parks are maintained well and have been part of the history of the Speedway for many years.

I am tired of all of the fluff the media gives to this redevelopment and refuse to look at the real problem: The economy is not solid enough to continue with this redevelopment at this time; the people of Speedway cannot afford higher taxes; the Speedway Redevelopment Commission has not given any indication that outside businesses have committed to bring commerce into the area; the Indianapolis Motor Speedway can continue with their hotel plans and moving of the museum without throwing businesses out by just using the property they own; and the redevelopment of the area around the Speedway is going to affect the traffic flow around Speedway, which includes a main street that has five schools with children who walk to school daily.

Why is this redevelopment such an important task to take on now?


Jo Ellen Dotlich
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