August 25, 2010

Through Aug. 29
Various locations

    Usually I don’t tout already running shows in this e-mail, keeping it dedicated to previews and saving the reviews for the print IBJ and my blog, Lou Harry’s A&E. But given the nature of IndyFringe (and given that it’s a slow week), I thought I’d take the opportunity to re-encourage you to take advantage of the wackiness going on around Mass Ave. through Sunday.
    Two favorites so far: local ShadowApe Theatre Company’s “Not a Peep” which, like the titular Easter treat, has no nutritional value but is deliciously fun, and the not-for-delicate-sensibilities “Screw You Review,” in which an obnoxious senior and cross-dressing sidekick set out to offend everyone and, as a result, end up very endearing. “Peep” has shows remaining Thursday and Sunday at Theatre on the Square. “Revue” can be found at the IndyFringe Building Friday, Saturday and Sunday. For a full schedule, click here.