Nursing home column was on target

March 2, 2009
I want to commend [Tawn Parent's Feb. 16 column] about overseeing a loved one's care while in a nursing home or rehab facility. One really does need to be vigilant and tenacious, no matter the reputation of the facility, as every day is different from the previous one and it's all about how attentive and responsive the staff is, at all levels.

Your piece really was on target in every way and I commend IBJ for giving it such a prominent place in the paper.

Harriet M. Ivey

Another thanks for column about nursing homes

Thanks for [Tawn Parent's] excellent commentary in the Feb. 16 issue. My 88-year-old father has been in his first nursing home just over two weeks. We attended the care meeting today, as you suggested.

I can't say enough good things about Westminster Village in West Lafayette, but I know your concerns will ring true with many readers as other facilities fail to measure up.

We also can't get enough customers interested in long-term-care insurance until it's too late. I hope our generation takes that more seriously and plans ahead.


Jay G. Smith
CEO, MBAH Insurance
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