Drilling is energy key

April 2, 2011

It is interesting to see what fiction will be cited as a lesson from the intelligentsia to the great unwashed masses. The [March 28] energy article by [Bruce] Hetrick proposes a Hollywood piece of fiction as a modern-day parable of undeniable truth.

Hollywood is a purveyor of escapist entertainment—nothing more, nothing less. There isn’t a scientific fact, law of nature or scintilla of common sense that Hollywood will not bend, twist or contort to sell a movie. The same goes for the Chicken Little crowd cackling about the next disaster caused by humans.

Regardless of the topic, the “humans are bad” message is always consistent that a small group of self-anointed keepers of all wisdom should be ceded authority over how everyone else lives. So, Mr. Hetrick, where do you think humans should be told to live? On a mountaintop in Tibet would be far-removed from earthquake, tsunami and flood.

Since energy consumption was mentioned, just a tidbit of fact to consider. Russia has done extensive oil exploration within its own borders. After decades, it now controls oil reserves larger than the rest of the world combined. That’s OK, we have curly light bulbs and wind farms to power those bulbs—when the wind is blowing, but not too strong, mostly during daylight hours, somewhere remote, ’cause they are an eyesore and make noise, and keep them away from birds.

Drill, baby, drill!


Jim Garten  

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