Let there be LED light

May 25, 2009

What with the Obama administration contemplating radical restrictions on carbon dioxide emissions, businesses selling green products may soon turn gold.

Westfield-based Green Illuminating Systems sees a bright future in LED lighting as a way to reduce electricity consumption. Electricity in these parts is generated by coal and, as everyone knows by now, coal gives off that villainous CO2 when burned.

GIS' first big rollout of a popular LED light used in Europe, the Elumenus bulb, will be at the newly remodeled Marsh Supermarket at 10th Street and Girls School Road.

The lights operate on half the wattage of a standard fluorescent bulb, put out less heat, and don't use the humming ballasts that come with fluorescent bulbs, said Michael Hutson, a partner of GIS and owner of Westfield Lighting.

LED lights also lack the nasty chemicals of fluorescents and can last 50,000 hours. GIS says the LEDs are expected to shave lighting expenses 44 percent.

GIS business partners Thomas Trienen and Brian Jacoby are aiming high for their next potential project-making a presentation to the owners of the Empire State Building.

Many new lighting technologies can look downright creepy, but Hutson said LEDs have more of a "cool, white light."

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