Insurance column made good points

October 1, 2011

Anita Woudenberg’s [Sept. 12 Forefront column] made a lot of good points about how Hoosiers can solve our own insurance problems in a less-expensive manner than that of a federal mandate.

Health savings account opponents incorrectly argue that these high-deductible health plans coupled with HSA accounts will hurt the group plans. Most working Americans still get their health insurance coverage through their employers. Employers have the opportunity to offer high-deductible plans with payroll functionality for employees to make direct tax-free withdrawals from their pay into their HSA account.

Actually, a robust high-deductible plan and HSA combination is one of employers’ last true opportunities to encourage healthy people to enroll in their plans, enjoy 100-percent preventative care, and have “skin in the game” as it relates to provider cost.

We need better advisors and better buyers of insurance products and less government intervention to maximize results.

Andrew E. Kaelin, president
KBIC Results

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