Let stadium users foot the bill

June 8, 2009

Am I the only one who noticed that Marion County alcohol users are now seen as a new source of revenue by both Congress and Mayor Ballard? Congress is considering an outrageous 45-cent-per-bottle tax on wine (plus new "uniform" taxes for beer and hard liquor) to fund health care reforms.

Meanwhile, Mayor Ballad's latest plan would also tax such beverages to fund operating and maintenance costs for the for-profit sports team stadiums.

That's two new taxes if my math is correct.

Regarding the latter, what is so unreasonable about making the stadium users pay for this? Increase stadium area parking fees, concession products and ticket prices for attendees.

And the ridiculousness of letting the outlying counties use the increased taxes for "whatever they want" is really unfair.

Why should Marion County residents alone shoulder the burden of funding stadium costs? Mayor Ballard is tempting voters to show him the door, not unlike his predecessor. Enough is enough. Let the stadium users and sports team pay for the "benefits" of what was truly a luxury Indy could not afford.

Bill Malcolm

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