How to mix Manning, Luck

January 14, 2012

It’s sad to see the Polian era end. He brought football greatness to Indianapolis. Maybe it is time for a change, so make Peyton a player coach and draft Andrew Luck.

Manning is a brilliant offensive coordinator already; move him into a path to be Tom Moore’s genuine heir and eventually more.

For the time being, providing he is healthy, he continues to take snaps and play, sharing the time with Luck, giving the junior signal caller a chance to learn from and play with the master. In time Peyton moves to full-time coaching and eventually becomes a head coach.

What a great story line for the Colts and a good eventuality for Manning, who probably knows football as well as anyone, at least anyone since Polian made Indianapolis a championship team.

Think about it, Jimmy. This is another of those junctions of destiny.


Tom Cochrun
Cambria, Calif.

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