Another CDC fan

September 8, 2012

Thank you for running the [Sept. 3 Forefront] remarks from Sam Odle about the important role that community development corporations play in tackling the challenge of rebuilding our neighborhoods. This was a wonderful piece and should be clipped and forwarded to anyone who cares about the future of our city.

The CDCs can be an awesome tool, close to the needs of the neighborhood, able to discern what is worth keeping and fixing up, and what we can afford to remove or transform for new uses without losing the fabric of our community—joining local institutions such as churches and small businesses with the larger players in our educational, financial and governmental sectors to deploy resources where they can make a difference.

“Comprehensive community development” and “building livable communities” are the visions that should be on our minds as we take the next steps in Indianapolis, and our CDCs can be effective leaders in delivering on these visions.

M. Jacqueline Nytes
CEO, Indianapolis Public Library

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