Rusthoven was bigoted

February 2, 2013

Far from credible criticism of “the liberal media double standard,” I interpreted Peter Rusthoven’s [Jan. 21] opinion piece “Double Standards on Israel” as an exercise in the expression of bias and bigotry.

“Kenyan senator.” Really?

Rather than taking exception to secretary of defense nominee Chuck Hagel’s unwillingness to pledge blind allegiance to another nation (Israel), I suggest Hagel should be lauded for subscribing to the quaint notion of pledging allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. Period. That strikes me as a commendable attribute for someone whose judgment and actions would directly influence the expenditure of our nation’s blood and treasure.

Rusthoven’s further vitriolic segway onto Al Gore’s sale of his cable network to Al Jazeera borders on the bizarre if not deranged, inasmuch as the former vice president is a relic from yesteryear’s news and the transaction received ample and broad-based criticism. Our country’s core values still hold that Gore’s sale of his network to an Arab owner is no more worthy of contempt than any other media outlet having Jewish—or “Kenyan”—ownership.

Stephen Woodrow

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