Ben Davis university models possibilities

February 2, 2013

Thank you for the comprehensive [Jan. 14] story on the accomplishments of the students of Ben Davis University High School.

What happens to our BDU students—clearly underperforming and coming from families with no college experience or exposure—is nothing short of transformational.

This clearly demonstrates that with adequate resources and teaching support, even those not identified as likely rising stars can succeed and exceed expectations. But that requires dedication of shrinking resources, and smaller classroom environments to provide the extra support needed by many students who do not come from families with higher expectations and which model “successful” outcomes.

If we truly want to impact work force readiness and a reduction of poverty and government dependency in people’s lives, this is a model for public school success and an example of where investing in youth can provide a return on investment.

Trish Logan
Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township school board

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