Zinn opens our eyes to another American point of view

July 27, 2013

Of course Rusthoven would write this biased piece [July 22]. He’s speaking on behalf of the GOP. How can Howard Zinn’s book be anti-American? If anything, it is American.

Zinn wasn’t writing about the entire history of the United States. He was writing history through the eyes, ears and mouths of those who were most affected by it. Affected by key decisions in our nation’s history.

I agree that this is probably not the most appropriate book for grades K-12, that it should be used in a collegiate setting where we’re supposed to expand our mind and challenge ourselves about the past, present and future. History as it is taught in K-12 is full of rainbows, fairies and butterflies. Those are the lines we’re force fed.

Native Americans having Thanksgiving dinner with Puritans? Please. Zinn sheds light on the oppression and rape that made rich men richer and powerful men even more powerful. He opens our eyes to the horrors and whores of this nation.

We all want to hide from the real truth, because why keep ourselves up at night thinking about Columbus molesting the natives of this nation and opening up the slave trade route. No one wants to hear that. We all want fairies and rainbows. But if that’s all we’re told, is our appreciation for history really any better?

Perhaps we should cover our eyes by reading “A Patriot’s History of the United States.” Because we all know a book endorsed by Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh isn’t materially biased.

Michael Dell, Indianapolis


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