Purdue fortunate to have Daniels as president

September 14, 2013

Your [Sept. 2] cover story on Purdue President Mitch Daniels referenced “skepticism” from certain camps within the Purdue faculty. In the article, professor David Sanders was quoted as a basis for that skepticism.

It should be noted that Sanders, while he is certainly entitled to his opinions, likely brings his own political views to the discussion. Sanders has on multiple occasions run unsuccessfully for political office on the Democratic ticket. In fairness to IBJ readers, it would be nice to see that disclosure in future articles where Sanders is quoted.

On Aug. 30, I had the privilege of participating in two events with throngs of Purdue alumni who embraced Daniels as their leader of Purdue University. Daniels spoke about his vision for Purdue to an overflow crowd of more than 400 at the Columbia Club and received a prolonged standing ovation when he was introduced.

Afterward, Daniels mingled with thousands of Purdue supporters on Monument Circle for a tailgate party for Coach Darrell Hazell and the 2013 football team. The reception for Daniels among the faithful was remarkable. People took hundreds of pictures with him and he signed countless autographs. The outpouring of support and confidence was palpable.

As a business owner, alumni, parent of a Purdue student, and parent of a prospective Purdue student, I am one of many Purdue supporters who feel blessed that the reins are in the capable hands of President Daniels. With Mitch at the helm, the best days of our beloved university lie ahead of us.

Jeff McKean

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