Rusthoven disparages conservative trend

June 21, 2014

While I have the greatest respect and admiration for Peter Rusthoven’s public service under President Reagan, I take issue with his June 9 Taking Issue column. It almost sounded as if Rusthoven leans Democrat!

Especially now in the wake of presiding House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s surprise (to him and his pollster anyway) primary loss, my question to Rusthoven is: When are the “establishment” Republicans you seem to favor going to get a grip that they are out of touch with their constituents? That is why the candidates of which you spoke so disparagingly won their primaries.

The “mainstream” candidate or incumbent was as squishy and spineless as a wet noodle. Stop listening to the likes of Karl Rove and listen to we-the-people voters. Run real conservatives instead of squishy left-leaning RINOs.

Or, incumbents, start listening to your constituents and vote more conservative on issues such as immigration and fiscal and tax policy (stop spending money you don’t have and quit trying to extort the American taxpayer with the excuse that we are “demanding” more services).

Also protect the Bill of Rights (if the Second Amendment cannot withstand unscathed, the rest are sure to follow); rein in out-of-control regulatory agencies that are hurting businesses, stifling economic recovery and chilling free speech.

Rein in a lawless president who circumvents the balance of power so wisely designed into the three branches of government, and support a strong military and our brave veterans.

Maybe then your candidates will no longer be on the losing end.

Debra A. Skinner, Cicero

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