Entrepreneur launching app to encourage family meals

September 12, 2015
Hays Hays

Local serial entrepreneur Gerry Hays is launching a smartphone app this month that aims to encourage families to have healthy dinners together. He’s also working on a feature that will allow users to order those prepared meals from grocery stores for pickup at below-restaurant prices.

“We feel great about the mission, we’ve got the key ingredients, and now it’s time to go execute,” said Hays, founder and CEO of Dinner Call.

The app aims to foster family conversation by asking users to take pictures of their meals, or of family members gathered around the table. It then displays a conversation starter like, “If you found $10 in the garage, what would you do with it?”

Hays said he’s lining up retailers and is even considering a delivery component.

“We’re trying to get healthy, affordable meals in the hands of families that’s as convenient as fast food,” he said.

Hays, who is also managing partner of Slane Capital Partners, said Slane made an unspecified seed investment of less than $500,000 in Dinner Call during its first two years of development.

In addition, Dinner Call is in the middle of raising about $500,000 in debt capital, according to public filings.•


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