Regulators set date for 10-digit dialing in central Indiana

September 23, 2015

Central Indiana residents have almost a year before they will have to use an additional three numbers to make area telephone calls.

Starting on Sept. 17, calls made within the 317 area will have to be placed using all 10 digits instead of just the final seven.

Earlier this year, the Utility Regulatory Commission approved a 463 area code to overlay the existing 317 area code in the Indianapolis area. The 463 area code spells "IND" on a telephone keypad.

Beginning Oct. 17, 2016, new telephone lines or services may be assigned numbers using the new 463 area code.

Current phone numbers won't change.

The 317 area code, started in 1947, was one of the first area codes established in Indiana. It covers 14 counties. Each area code can have 7.92 million number combinations.


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