Don’t forget the ‘T’ in LGBT

January 16, 2016

Why in your editorial [Governor must back full LGBT rights, Oct. 12] are you asking Gov. Pence to step up for sexual orientation but not gender identity? The discussion you raise is incomplete. I can only presume that is because the proposed SB100 is incomplete, dismissing the “T” component of the LGBT community to subcommittee study, hence, legislative obscurity.

This is the same type of gap in critical thought that produced RFRA and elicited a nationwide backlash to the originally passed bill.

There has to be more thoughtful attempts coming out of Republican-led committees. We are not that stupid and insensitive, are we? Or is the entire General Assembly riding the short bus to work?

If Pence falls into the trap of thinking SB100 adequately addresses LGBT protections, then Indiana businesses should expect the same nationwide response we received to RFRA. We will be socially and economically excommunicated from business epicenters around the nation and perhaps around the world. More educated parts of the country will attract top businesses and talent otherwise destined for Indiana and our established businesses will not be able to retain their workforces. We will erode into a third world entity in the heartland of our nation, and rightfully so.

Call on the General Assembly to come up with something better. The synaptic deprivation of the Republican Party can no longer work as an excuse.


Tara Elysse Chouinard

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