LETTER: Story ignored problems with Clinton candidacy

November 19, 2016

I read with interest your article on the pasting of Indiana Democrats [Democrats regroup after getting pasted in election, Nov. 14].

As a political junkie and Democrat I did not see Trump’s victory coming. I was as surprised as anyone.

But what I realized a while ago and what is not mentioned in this article and by other media outlets is the flawed candidacy of Hillary Clinton. Simply put, people do not like her and her campaign was uninspiring.

A candidate’s personality is an important quality. Ms. Clinton’s public persona is calculating, guarded, entitled and ethically challenged.

I suspect that she is a delightful woman in a private setting. I have read that everyone would want her as a friend.

She, however is running for a national public office; consequently perception is reality.

Additionally, the clear sleaziness of the DNC, who hoisted her on the Democratic Party and general electorate, did not help.

If a die-hard Democrat such as myself has to hold his nose when he casts a ballot, you know that your candidate is in trouble.


Howard E. Trivers

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