LETTER: Fishers smart to limit growth around new Ikea

November 19, 2016

Nobody is disapproving of any development near Ikea in Fishers yet [Fishers won’t let Ikea fuel retail blitz, Oct. 31]. Fishers is simply reserving the right to individually review every proposal that is made and to accept or reject it.

For new growth in a suburb, I think this is a very good idea to help reduce some of the typical and very awful development patterns that most of these types of sites end up being. Most of these sites end up being car sewers that create traffic nightmares.

If the mayor and council are forward thinking, they’ll mix this into a balanced approach that allows people to be able to walk to this area, enjoy it on foot while there and then return home.

If everyone must drive there, it’ll be a nightmare.

Yes, yes, I know everyone will say, “What can you buy at Ikea and bring home walking?”

They have delivery services. And, if they create some dense living around this area, some people can carry their stuff a short distance to their apartment or condo.

This is the only way to avoid a new traffic nightmare and still welcome new growth.


Jim Hodapp

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