LETTER: State can’t ignore its obligations to pensions

November 26, 2016

In response to a recent column by Bill Styring and Cecil Bohanon [Government pension plans don’t always pay up, Oct. 3], I would like to comment that there is little risk for retired teachers and public employees not receiving benefits as the Indiana General Assembly would be under mandate to provide funds for retirement benefits.

Under the administration of Gov. Ed Whitcomb that attempted to withhold certain funds appropriated to the Teachers Retirement Fund due to a shortfall in state revenue, a Boone County court ruled that the administration could not withhold such funds as the state of Indiana has a contract supported by law with retirees.

Thus, the administration and the Indiana General Assembly would be under a mandate to fulfill their legal obligation to pay retiree benefits regardless of the fiscal condition of the state.

Philip Conklin, former state budget director

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