LETTER: Vaping is a viable way to quit smoking cigarettes

December 10, 2016

In response to the column about vaping [Fiddian-Green: Vaping is not a proven way to stop smoking, Dec. 5], I started smoking at age 14 and smoked about a pack a day for 26 years. I tried all of the author’s “proven cessation” methods: gum, patch, Zyban, Nicotrol inhaler, etc., all without success.

I began vaping on Sept. 6, 2015 and haven’t smoked since. My chronic cough has disappeared, and I can take deep breaths. My senses of taste and smell have returned. I can go up stairs and run without getting easily winded. My family also saves thousands of dollars per year.

My story is the same as millions of other Americans. Smokers deserve access to reduced-harm alternatives, and they deserve the truth about the safety of vaping. The Royal College of Physicians, which consists of 32,000 doctors worldwide, stated that ecigs and vaping are at least 95 percent safer than smoking. The U.S.’ war on vaping is in order to protect tobacco tax revenue and the pharmaceutical industry, which not only makes the patch, gum and pills, but the cancer, heart disease and COPD medications.

Smokers get thrown under the bus for money. People deserve the truth. Vaping saved my life and can potentially save a billion lives.


Tara Antonuccio

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