State GOP leaders ready to make another run at Sunday sales

February 2, 2017

Indiana's legislative leaders say it's time to have a serious discussion on Sunday sales of carryout alcohol—again.

Though he cautions the effort may fail once more, GOP Senate leader David Long calls Sunday sales a piece of "low-hanging fruit" to consider. Grocery chains, convenience stores and pharmacies have pushed for years to have Indiana's eight decades-old ban lifted and be able to sell alcohol on Sundays, but a compromise has been elusive.

Grocery stores and pharmacies say the ban costs them millions of dollars annually in sales. Liquor store owners fear lifting the ban would increase their operating costs without generating much additional revenue.

Indiana has the last statewide "blue law" prohibiting Sunday retail sales of beer and other alcohol.

House Speaker Brian Bosma says he has long supported allowing Sunday sales and calls the ban an "outlier."

This year's proposal creates a supplemental dealer's permit for Sunday sales. Liquor stores would not be required to obtain the permits.

Long says he has not spoken with the chairman of the committee where the measure awaits a hearing about whether it will be considered.



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