LETTER: The inefficiency of tolls

February 4, 2017

Though I don’t disagree with most of the arguments you make in favor of road tolls, the obstacle I cannot get past is the inefficiency with which they are collected [Shabazz: Ask not for whom the road tolls, Jan. 16]. Having employees sit around the clock at toll booths and drivers sit in long lines wasting time and fuel waiting to pay makes no sense to me.

Similarly, I really don’t think it makes sense to hire an outside firm to take pictures and then follow through with billing and collecting for a small fee of $10 per vehicle above and beyond the $1.25 toll.

Yes, locals could buy transmitters and prepay. The sad thing is there are far more than a dozen such systems available across the United States. I would hate to think about a trip to Florida or out west if every state decides to go this route. The cost of collection should not outweigh in time or dollars the cost of the cause being funded.


Robert Long

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