EDITORIAL: An economic silver lining

August 17, 2009

For every piece of bad economic news, there’s a corresponding opportunity. That’s the case with retail real estate, which is increasingly vacant as retailers nationwide feel the pain of consumers who have all but gone into hiding.

That means real estate is priced to move, and in Indianapolis local restaurant operators have been snapping up spaces that once-powerful national chain restaurants would’ve paid big money for in better times.

The local eateries are suffering along with everyone else, but those that have the wherewithal are taking a chance by expanding into bargain-priced locations. It’s good to see the likes of Café Patachou, Ambrosia and Barley Island Brewing growing their local presence.

Local restaurants make a city unique, creating a sense of place that can’t be duplicated. We hope the local restaurants succeed with their new ventures.•


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